Patronage programme


The future of art lies in the kind of deeply human relationship that artists have shared with patrons since the dawn of time.

This two-way relationship has always been richer and more immersive for both patron and artist.

My experiential Patronage Program allows patrons interested in my thinking, work, and mission to become involved in my creative process for a year.

For a minimum investment of £100,000, my Patronage Program includes:

  • 4 framed works that reflect our shared interests and contemporary issues
  • Mood wall - inspirational contributions from patron
  • Several meetings to see progress on works
  • Several studio visits each year for patron and guests
  • 3 talks at patron's private club, home or another venue
  • Invitations to exclusive openings as my guest
  • Several visits to exclusive artisan suppliers and other esoteric partners
  • Exposure to works loaned to galleries

Please write to my personal email at to discuss further.


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