Several times a month I receive emails from people asking about my work.

People ask about my inspiration, ideas or about the technical aspects of my work. In the disconnected digital age, this kind of direct personal connection is something I cherish.

Of course I'm always happy to share insights particularly with up and coming artists. I'll write back to most people (eventually).

Surprisingly often, someone will write declaring undying love for a certain work that they see online. Generally, the work is in a museum, gallery or in a private collection.

On occasion, the more enterprising enquirers have asked me whether I might connect them to the owner of the piece. This could be to request a private viewing or to see whether the owner of the piece might be interested in selling it.

Over the years I've helped people in this way often enough for me to formalise this into a service called SOURCING.

How it works:

1. If you like a piece get in touch

2. If I know who currently owns the piece I let them know about your interest

3. If they are open to speaking with you they tell me, I give you their details and hey presto the rest is up to you two

SOURCING is my way of connecting people who take an interest in my work. My theory is that if you both have an interest in my work you may have other things in common and that could be the start of a wonderful relationship.


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