News from the sun

Posted on December 20, 2011

From the catalogue:

Thirty years ago, a short story called News From the Sun appeared in JG Ballard’s collection Myths of the Near Future. Like much of his fiction, this tale of social and temporal entropy is peppered with references to solar collectors, light aircraft and relics of a defunct space programme. The story is pervaded both by a sense of ‘nostalgia for the future’ (as one character describes it) and by the relentless and all consuming glare of the sun.

This exhibition brings together four artists who, in a variety of ways, display an interest in subverted or obsolete modernity, referencing technology, architecture and design that offer up optimistic promises of a utopian future. Their work can be seen to explore a sense of nostalgia for the future through references that oscillate between the aesthetics of 20th century science fiction, cold war propaganda and fin-de-siècle modernity.

At the Exeter Phoenix


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